RAWo 2020 Application

Application Rules

  1. Number of participants is limited to 25 people.
  2. Applications open on April 1st (2020) at 00:00 (UTC +2) and finishes on May 1st (2020) at 23:59 (UTC +2)
  3. In the first round of applications, the rule to include applicants into the participation list will be first come first served.
  4. To complement the previous rule and with the aim of maximize the diversity among the applicants, during the first round of applications, “2 per AS” rule will be applied.
  5. If the participants list isn’t filled with the previous criteria at the end of the first application period, and there are still people in the waiting list, 3rd applicant of each AS will be added to the participants list.
  6. Up to this point, if there are still some more places to fill and people in the waiting list, they will be included following rule 5 with the 4th, 5th… applicant of each AS.
  7. In case of having nobody else in the waiting list and haven’t reached the 25 participants, a second round of applications will be opened immediately after the end of the first one. During this second round of applicants will be added to the participants lists in first come, first served order.
  8. The second applications period will last until the participants list is filled and all of have confirmed their participation into the event
  9. Participants’ AS/PAS/AM/PAM will have to confirm their members in order to complete the application.
  10. Once confirmed the membership, the participant will have to pay the fee or cancel the event following the payment and cancellation rules, respectively.

Payment Rules

  1. Participation fee is 100€ per participant. It will cover 6 nights of accommodation, meals during the event, workshop materials and transportation within the event. NOTE: AS Helsinki will not provide accommodation outside of the event dates, however, feel free to contact us, we will help you find a solution for any extra days.
  2. Euroavia Helsinki will send the payment information to the confirmed applicants.
  3. Euroavia Helsinki will accept bank transfers. The transfer costs for both services should be covered by the applicant, so that Euroavia Helsinki receives a total amount of 100€.

Cancellation Rules

20th May 2020 23:59 (UTC +2)

Deadline for free cancellation. 25% of the fee (25€ per person) will be paid if the participant cancels after this date.

7th June 2020 23:59 (UTC +2)

After this date, applicant must pay 50% of the fee (50€ per person).

30th June 2018 23:59 (UTC +2)

After this date, applicant must pay 100% of the fee (100€ per person).

Participants on the waiting list that are admitted due to a cancellation, will have one (1) week of free cancellation, from the moment the email of their acceptance is sent. After this week, the cancellation fee will be according to the periods listed above.