RAWo 2020 Survival guide

Complete survival guide coming this spring 2020.

If a participant is an accredited model aircraft pilot, he/she must have an insurance for model airplanes valid in Finland. It is allowed to bring own transmitter and receiver, if they are 35MHz band or 2.4GHz systems allowed in Finland. We are looking for possibility that every participant may try flying an RC plane.

Typical ways to travel to Finland are by flying to Helsinki-Vantaa, Tampere-Pirkkala or Turku airport. Also the ferries of the Baltic Sea are an option. You can travel easily to Tampere by train from Helsinki or Turku.

Local currency is euro. Finland operates on a 230V supply voltage, 50Hz frequency and C/F type plugs. It is recommended all participants to travel with a health insurance and with a European card of medical assistance.