RAWo 2020 Accommodation

Jämi Holiday Houses Ilves and Saukko

Ilves and Saukko

Jämi Holiday Houses Ilves and Saukko, built in 2009, are close to Jämi’s services. In the holiday houses one can find a living room, a cozy upper lounge, six bedrooms for two persons, a well-equipped kitchen, three toilets (upstairs there is also a shower), laundry room with a washing machine and dryer as well as a drying cabinet, washroom and sauna. Participants will live here from Monday to Friday during the event. More photos here.

Hotelli Torni, Tekniikankatu 10 C 105

This is where participants will arrive in 2.8.2020 for the first night. The last night before departure will be also here. The facilities include 26 beds and mattresses in total, kitchenware, a microwave, a stove, a fridge, WC and a shower. It is provided by our local student union TREY and it is very close to University campus.