RC Aircraft Workshop 2020 in Finland

RAWo 2020 is an EUROAVIA International Event that will take place in Finland from the 2nd to the 8th of August 2020. Here is the main website of the event: www.euroavia.fi/rawo2020/

Our RC Aircraft Workshop invites 25 aerospace engineering students around Europe to learn designing and building of radio-controlled fixed wing planes.  They will be taught basic RC plane building techniques and then, in teams, they will get to try them in practice.

Each team will have four days to design and build a trainer with ailerons and with autopilot function.  The teams and their designs will be put to a competitive test at the end of the week. The jury will decide the winner based on flight performance and build quality.

The workshop will follow this schedule:

Participants will arrive to Tampere and have the lectures at the Tampere University Hervanta campus. Most time of the event will happen in Jämijärvi airfield EFJM.