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  • Travelling to Tampere

Typical ways to travel to Finland are by flying to Helsinki-Vantaa, Tampere-Pirkkala or Turku airport. Also the ferries of the Baltic Sea are an option. You can travel easily to Tampere by train from Helsinki or Turku.

  • Some flights arrive straight at Tampere airport but most flights arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa airport
    • From Tampere airport you can search for transportation by the Tampere public transport journey planner:
    • From Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Tampere you’ll have to reserve travel time from 2 to 3 hours. There are busses travelling straight from the airport to Tampere and they can be found at: If you want to travel by train, you’ll have to take a P train to Tikkurila and switch to a long-distance train to Tampere. Some short-distance trains are also travelling to Tampere from Tikkurila. They are cheaper but do not depart so often. The train schedules and tickets can be purchased from
  • Unfortunately, the transport services do not offer discounts for students not studying outside Finland
  • Usually, the earlier you buy the tickets, the cheaper they are.

Local currency is euro. Finland operates on a 230V supply voltage, 50Hz frequency and C/F-type plugs. It is recommended all participants to travel with a health insurance and with a European card of medical assistance.

Getting around the city:

You can get around Tampere by using the brand-new tram system or busses. For the transportation, the participant should log into Nysse App available at:

  • App store: or
  • Play store:


The tickets are purchased by the participant and the amount will be refunded by EUROAVIA Tampere. The refund covers daily tickets for three days, from Friday to Sunday. The price is either 5,25 euros for 24 yrs or younger, or 7 euros for older.

Information on the service can be found on their website: The Nysse Mobiili has a good interface to find transportation around Tampere.

The city also has electric scooters and bikes for rent (voi, Ryde, Lime, Tier, Alepa etc.).

Taxis are expensive in Finland, but also an option.


How does Tampere work?

The accommodation and some of our events are held in the city center which is situated between lakes. From there you can also find shopping, restaurant, sightseeing opportunities etc.  Our university is divided into two parts, the technical campus is situated in Hervanta located south of the center. You can get to Hervanta with trams or busses (trams being the quickest option).

Tampere city and location of Hervanta

Some of the highlights of Tampere

Who to contact / Important phone numbers:

Emergency number (Police, Medical, Fire): 112

Accommodation – Omena Hotel

0600 555 222

Hämeenkatu 7
33100 Tampere

Check-in is possible at 4 pm. The check-out will be at 11.45 o’clock.

Unfortunately, the hotel has only rooms with one double bed and two single beds. For that reason, the room compositions might have to be adjusted to give everyone a private bed.

The passcodes for the rooms are sent to the participant by the hotel a day before the stay.

Contact of AS Tampere

Contact info will be delivered separately. You can always contact Otto Harrikari, the President of Euroavia Tampere. His contact info can be found in the information emails. The WhatsApp group also provides answers.

What to wear?

Since the event is held in September the weather is already getting colder. The high temperature during the days is around 15°C and the lowest can be near 0°C. It is recommended that you take warm clothes since some of the activities will be outdoors. If you want to go to sauna and swim on Friday, bring a swimsuit.


The meals are included in the participation fee. Evening and breakfast snacks are provided in the hotel, also on the arrival and departure dates.

Schedule of the event:


On Thursday the participants will arrive in Tampere and be greeted by AS Tampere members. We have planned to meet in the city center near the accommodation, so you can drop your bags at the hotel and then get to know each other in a pub environment (Pub Ruby & Fellas,



On Friday we start our day with some company representations in the Tampere University’s Hervanta campus. The companies include Patria, Insta and QOCO. The event will start at 8.45. Please be on time, some of the presenters are on a tight schedule.

You can get to the campus easiest by Tram 3 from the hotel. The address for Hervanta Campus is:

Korkeakoulunkatu 7, 33720 Tampere

After the Finnish industry has provided us with an inside to their operation, we have a lunch break at a Campus restaurant Newton. After lunch we have an introduction of our beloved University. 

After the participants are properly briefed on the business side of Finland, they get to know the cultural side. This will be accomplished by the cultural night to which we hope you bring your own culture as well (perhaps a bottle of your culture and a flag of your country)! The cultural night will be held at a near by lake and there is a possibility to go to Sauna and/or swim.

Location for the cultural night is:

Salmenkalliontie 70, 33720 Tampere



On Saturday we will have a competition that will require you to work in pairs at Hervanta Campus. During this event you will learn more about the country and aviation in here. The day will be casual spending time together.

Lunch and dinner bags will be provided on Saturday.



On Sunday we will tour the city center of Tampere and visit some landmarks of the city. You will also learn a thing or two about the history of Finland.

The lunch is served at Zarillo restaurant and in the evening we will have the final dinner at Hervanta Campus.

Zarillo location:

Otavalankatu 9, 33100 Tampere


The Sponsors:

Our event is sponsored by: