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EUROAVIA Tampere is hosting  a Fly-In event from 1st to 5th of September 2022 in Tampere.

Originally the event was planned to be held on 2020, but it was postponed due to Covid-19.


The applications are closed. The EUROAVIA membership confirmations of the 15 first applicants are sent to all the EUROAVIA societies that they belong to. The acceptances are confirmed to the applicants as the membership confirmations arrive.

The participant limit is set at 15. The 100€ fee includes accommodation, dining and transportation during the event. For the three main days lunch and dinner are provided. For all days breakfast and evening snack supplies are provided to the hotel.

The applications places will primarily be assigned based on the applicant’s AS/AM and secondarily based on the order of application.

Firstly, two applicants of each AS can submit to the event. The applicants will be selected as “first come first serve”.

Later applications or further applicants of the AS will be put on a waiting list. If the total amount of participants is not reached yet, the remaining free places will be filled from the applicants on the waiting list.

Applications from PAS/PPAS/PAM/PPAM members are subject to approval by the IB.

The refund/cancellation policy is in line with EUROAVIA policies:

1) After 4.8.2022 (4 weeks), 100% of the participation fee must be paid

2) After 22.7.2022 (6 weeks), 50% of the participation fee must be paid

3) After 8.7.2022 (8 weeks), 25% of the participation fee must be paid.


The planned Fly-In schedule is described below. The plan might change. The workshop includes flight simulator competitions in the University premises.


Participants will arrive to Tampere and have the events at the city of Tampere and in the Tampere University Hervanta campus.